The Gripper Leash 4ft x 5/8”


The Gripper Premium Cotton Leash 5/8″ 4ft

Available in Red, Black and Purple

by GripLeash USA

We know that some people just love cotton leashes and in the past, due to their lack of grip they haven't been high on our list of must haves. But these  Gripper Leashes are something else!

If you are a cotton leash lover you won't be able to go past this leash

(we also have matching long lines).


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As with our leather leashes, these too come with a solid brass snap. They are made from a cotton/polyester that is rubber impregnanted for super grip, eliminating the leash from “slipping” out of your hands.

You are really not going to believe just how good these are! We also have the matching Long Line!

These are for use in ALL WEATHER Conditions!


Black, Purple, Red


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