Gripper Long line 10m x 16mm


The Gripper Long Line 10m x 16mm wide

Official Tracking Length

Available in Red, Black and Purple

Long Lines are a necessity for every dog owner



Our 10m Gripper Long Line is a must have when letting your dog off leash when its recall isn’t proofed under distraction, 10m is also the official tracking length.

10m gives your dog a lot of room to run, just not run into trouble. Whilst training any of my dogs on a recall, theynever got off the long line until I had proofed their recall.

The Gripper Premium Long Lines are just that, PREMIUM! Unlike every other cotton leash, these are rubber impregnated, what does this mean? It means it will not slip through your hands, wet or dry.

Some people get a horse line and use these, they are heavy, absorb water and will often rot after being wet a few times, our dogs mean more to us than that…

Each long line comes with a solid brass bolt snap, the end of line is sewn with heavy duty stitching.

These leashes won’t break, rot, slip or let you down.

16mm wide.

Leash Length

10 metres (33ft)


Black, Purple, Red


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