Flirt pole with leather bite rag


You and your dog will have a ball with this toy!
Great for training or exercising your dog!

– The Leather rag is 42cm long (16 inches), attached to the cord with high quality stitching.
– The Cord is 90cm long (35 inches) and super strong, able to withstand a hard game of tug.
– The Lexan whip stick is 60cm long (24 inches) and has a rubber handle. This allows for a bit of flexibility in the pole, making it even more fun for your toy!

What Dog Trainer Steve Courtney has to say about flirt poles,
“This Flirt Pole is a great way to start Training in Drive with your dog or puppy, the Lexan whip we use is flexible and can really make the Leather Bite Rag attached move like fast prey! Some dogs will chase a ball but not play tug, a lot of the time this is because that previous training methods or goals may have taught the dog not to display drive (or excitement) in close proximity to the handler (owner).

Because you can make the bite rag dance at 1 – 3 metres from you with this tool, this can be a way to break down that barrier and get your dog into a game of tug! When testing puppies, I always used to use a bite rag, but when with a litter of pups it was pretty hard to keep them off me. We designed this Flirt Pole to give us the chance to play with the whole litter at once and keep some speed in the rag.

Many people use a toy on a rope or worse a leash, the leash is swung around and the snap hits the dog or pup in the head, game over… Our flirt pole has light flat nylon cord to attach a soft leather bite rag to it, no harm can be done but it is tough enough to play a pretty vigorous game of tug!”

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